Stage Door Casino is a fan-favorite on game days! We welcome fans with open arms, cold beer, and good old-fashioned Vegas hospitality. There's never a cover charge to cheer on our home team football and hockey teams, and we're a great place to relax and cheer on your favorite teams whenever they're on.

The Violator, Big Game 2020 pre-party
The Raiders weren't in the 2020 Big Game, but wait until 2021!
It doesn't matter where you're from, you're always a friend at Stage Door on Game Days.
Stage Door's Kendra with Raiders Superfan Senor Raiderman.
Raiders Superfan at 2020 Big Game pre-party
Raiders Superfan at 2020 Big Game pre-party
Raiders alumni Roy Hart stopped in for a visit with the crew at Stage Door Casino
Stage Door Casino - The Nation's favorite gathering place!
Pre-gaming with the Mistress of the Black Hole!
We love Super Fans!
Game day fun!
Our decorator's favorite colors....